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During the excursion with istanbul, first of all, the most important buildings made during the time of the Ottoman Empire are all located in sultanahmet region. Beside these, there were constructions built in the Byzantine Empire. It should be remembered that the people of Halkedoon were first in istanbul. Later, in the time of the Eastern Roman empire, Istanbul became the capital city. Istanbul cappadocia tours is surrounded by very large and thick walls around it. Bursa and Istanbul, Edirne, and Ottoman sultan mehmet istanbul conquered Istanbul for 100 years, and Istanbul was a very beautiful capital in the hands of the Turks who had been here for nearly 600 years. Istanbul is an extremely big and beautiful historical achievement, Istanbul became a world cultural capital in 2010. Some parts of Istanbul are located in Asia and others are part of Europe. Taksim region is developing and changing istanbul is the most active region.




Istanbul sultanahmet is known as olcity. We met with our tour guide Ender Boz. Extremely polite 

And polite and extremely professional about it. We stayed at the Private cappadocia tours boutique hotel located in Sultanahmet OldCity. We met up with our tour guide in the morning. We came to istanbul oldcity with Private Mercedes Vito vehicle. And first there was the Hippodrome. There were 2 obelisk snakes and a German fountain. The most influential of the Ottoman Empire is Ibrahim Pasha, Ibrahim Pasha Makbul ibrahim Pasha. Even Margnificent Sultan Suleyman married his brother. After that, it is called MAktul Ibrahim Pasha. İbrahim Paşa's mansion is now known as the Turkish Islamic Museum, where Turkish handicrafts and hand-woven carpets and rugs are exhibited. We went to Blue mosque which is the most beautiful and biggest mosque of last Istanbul. It is right opposite the Turkish Islamic Museum. Istanbul Blue mosque had a wonderful view of the sea and bosphorus. Even istanbul Blue mosque is the only mosque with 6 minaresi.


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