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In the city of Canakkale, there are 2 sections. GAllipoli, which distinguishes Canakkale from others, is located in the most beautiful part of the city. We were with the Private Mercedes Vito car to reach Gallipoli. There is a very big statue here and it was made in memory of the Turkish military who participated in the war of Cnakkale. On the other hand, there was an extremely large Turkish flag. GAllipoli started Private istanbul tours a very large sea and land wars after defeat. One of the world wars lasted 4 years. However, the last gentlemen are known as the war. We were here and this is the site area. All military goods used in the land wars made in 1915, military uniform escape cutlery and many personal items are exhibited here. There are also military tunnels and trenches that are preserved here. There are many tombs and sculptures for the Anzac army.




The ships belonging to the British Royal family and the French navy came to the Dardanelles. In this case it was thought to be 10-15 days for sea wars. Only the English Royal and French ships were all seriously damaged. The naval vessels belonging to the Turkish navy, the Nusret Mine, were settled especially for the French naval ships. There has been an enormous panic among the alliance states. In thi istanbul tours s sea battle, it was considered to be won by the land battle that could not be won. For this the British soldiers, the exploitation soldiers from India. ANZAC troops, formed in New Zealand and Australia, began land wars in 1915. Here is the Anzac Cove However, the Turkish military has shown great resistance here. There were military trenches and tunnels for the Gallipoli battles in the Cnakkale. This military tunnel is somewhat closer than 10 meters. It was unbelievable that the soldiers helped each other in this battle.


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