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We saw that we were in istanbul and it was strolling. Here we have the Hippodrome in the Sultanahmet area. Here, 2 obelisks brought from Egypt which is very beautiful, a serpent with snakes and a German fountain were built during Sultan Abdulhamit period. The oldest buildings in Istanbul are surrounded by very large and thick walls around the city to be very sheltered. It was built as the largest orthodox church in the world during the time of the East Roman empire. In 1453, minarets were added and Hagia Sophia mosque was translated. During this period, until the Turkey Tours construction of the Magnificent Suleyman Mosque, istanbul

Has become the biggest structure. Hagia Sophia has been a museum for the past 50 years. In addition to this, during the time of the Ottoman Empire, there are many pictures of mosaics and religious motifs, many of which are made of fine minbar, many written by Allah and the Prophet Muhammad, and many great Prophet Jesus and Mary made during the remarkable Byzantine period.




There are palaces built during the time of the Ottoman empire, including Topkapi and Beylerbeyi, Yildiz and Dolmabahçe Palace. Topkapi palace is located in the most beautiful and oldest place among these. This is oldcity yada on top of other Sultanahmet district. At the back of the Topkapi palace is the marmara sea and bosphorus view. Topkapi palace is at the highest peak of the city, so it is visible from every corner of the city. Hagia Sophia and Topkapi palace are two amazing fabulous buildings. There is even HAgia Sophia right next to Topkapi Palace, and Blue mosque right opposite. The private turkey tours Topkapi palace has 3 different gardens and is decorated with medium and wide flowers.

On the other hand, here is the Enderun school. The place where intelligent children get education and training within the borders of the country.

Here two sisters were as effective as the two vizier, Yada İbrahim Pasha and Sokullu pasha has been extremely effective. İbrahim pasha is the sultan of Sultan.


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